Witch-Farm Foundation

Welcome to Witch-Farm! You are visiting the homepage of Witch-Farm Foundation of Bátor village. The word „Bátor” means „brave”, and we are happy to work in a community like this. If you find our work interesting, visit us in the Real World, too.


Once upon a time...

- there was a little village, where all the institutions, community life had disappeared...
- there were some newcomers, who targeted self-supplying lifestyle, but hadn’t found any of it in the village
- there was a number of friends, acquaintances, who had similar values, looking for community
- there was a decision, that if something is missing, let’s go and organize it ourselves

...and in 2005 the Witch-Farm Foundation was born in Bátor.:-)

our mission

In order to serve sustainable development

- we distribute the advantages of rural way of life,
- teach healthy lifestyle to the people interested,
- organize environmental education,
- conserve nature and human environment,
- revive traditions and
- develop communities.

our vision

...is a world, where people do not depend on global wires and pipes, politics and businesses, but they can create their own physical, mental and spiritual world. They live in more and more self-supplying communities, being a respectful part of the global living system.